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No matter how many niche websites you create, no matter how many Google AdSense ads you include, no matter HOW much time and effort you invest, there is only ONE thing that will determine the volume of monthly income you receive from Google... you absolutely MUST choose the "right" keywords!

When it comes to Google AdSense, there are several undeniable facts:

 Fact:  You can generate automatic monthly income simply by placing ads on your pages.
 Fact:  You can generate tens of thousands of dollars or just a few measly bucks.
 Fact:  You want maximum "stuff-your-bank-account" results from Google AdSense.
 Fact:  You need a GUARANTEED method of getting top value from each and every click.

And here's another fact... from this day forward, you can quickly and easily shift your Google AdSense into HIGH gear. That's right...

From now on, you'll be able to generate dollars, NOT pennies, from each AdSense ad click. From now on, you can get maximum income from minimum viewer traffic. From now on, you can experience the kind of top level conversion rates most marketers only dream about!

And how, you ask, is all this possible? Read on...

From: Jeff Alderson and Rod Beckwith

Dear Friend,

You've done it...

You've established AdSense ads on all your web pages and they're collectively bringing you a decent (or not so decent) monthly Google income.

And now that the foundation is firmly in place, you're ready to expand. You plan to multiply your efforts in order to bring in even more income. Basically, that means choosing more niche areas and more keywords.

The only problem is, it will take a considerable amount of time to conduct all the research necessary to find the best niches and keywords. I mean, it's not like you can just pluck that kind of valuable information out of thin air.

And even if you do manage to find the time to conduct a ton of research, that doesn't necessarily mean you'll wind up with good quality niches and keywords. All it means is that you've given it your best shot.

But you already know all this. That's probably why you haven't even begun to conduct any more research. And that's why you haven't developed any additional niches or compiled additional keyword lists. It's just way too time consuming.

Even worse... you could spend all that time researching and still come up empty handed. Or maybe it turns out you went in the wrong direction, developing niches or keyword lists that don't substantially increase your monthly income.

If only...
  • there was a quick and easy shortcut to finding AdSense niches and keywords

  • there was a master vault you could easily access at any time, one which contained valuable research results

  • there was a database that included all the information you need in order to evaluate niche areas and keywords

  • there was a program that would keep you informed of all the latest and most profitable niches and keywords
If only...

Hold on a second. It just so happens there IS a program that satisfies all of those "if only's" and more.

The name is Top Keyword Data. And once you realize just how easily this program can pump up your AdSense income, I know you'll be scrambling for the order button!

Well, you've done it again!

Adsense has been a serious income generator for me over the last year or so, and this new software is going to make the hardest part of creating Adsense sites (which is the RESEARCH), an absolute cake walk.

I fired up the software and within 5 minutes I had identified several new, high paying Adsense niches to begin building sites around!

I've gotten to the point where I don't even read your sales letters anymore. I just scroll straight to the bottom of the page and order. I know that if you created it, it's going to put money in my pocket!

Your software products played a significant role in putting at least $50,000 in my bank account over the past 12 months...

And I know for a fact that Top Keyword Data is going to add to that total!

Don Bethune

Jeff Alderson has developed some of the best PPC and SEO tools on the Net... and he has struck gold again!

I consider Top Keyword Data a must-have tool for ANYONE building AdSense sites or researching niche markets.

Within minutes you will have more ideas than you know what to do with!

Nice work Jeff.

Ewen Chia

Take ALL The Guesswork Out Of Choosing The Right Keywords And Establishing An Unlimited Number Of High-Paying Niche Areas

If you've created even one page that's geared toward generating AdSense income, you already know what research needs to be conducted and how to do it.

Which means you also know how much time and brain power is involved. You have to come up with new and innovative niche areas. You have to figure out which keywords would be most beneficial for that particular niche.

You also have to factor in keyword popularity and searches and establish how many web pages and AdWords campaigns already exist. And ultimately, you'll need to make a decision as to which keywords and niches you THINK will prove to be the most profitable.

(That would be the "throw it against the wall and see if it sticks" routine.)

And let's say you've chosen what you consider a good solid niche area. You'll still need to spend a good deal of time testing and analyzing, just to determine whether or not your latest choices are financial winners.

(I like to call that one the "cross your fingers and hope your hunch pays off" phase.)

Of course, if test results indicate that your choice has little or no chance of being financially successful, it's back to the old drawing board to see what alternative niches and keywords you can come up with.

Man... I'm exhausted just writing about it! :)

NOW imagine this...

You click open Top Keyword Data and within seconds, you're looking at a list of well over 100,000 keywords. But not just ANY keywords. These particular keywords are guaranteed to make YOU money.

You know, a "dream" list.

The kind of list you'd compile yourself if you actually had all the time in the world and could spend day and night glued to your computer screen doing nothing but keyword research.

So there it is, staring you in the face. A comprehensive list of keywords that's worth considering. At least, with regard to making MORE money. Right at your fingertips!

But that's only the beginning. Along with all the keywords, there's also a volume of other valuable and important data (research that would cost yet another healthy chunk of your life).

For each keyword, you'll see at a glance...
  • the all-important cost per click (CPC) per keyword

  • the estimated number of monthly clicks (CPC)

  • the total number of existing web pages in Google

  • the number of AdWords campaigns that are currently running

  • the number of searches conducted on Overture throughout the previous month

On top of that, there's even a unique overall "score" assigned to every keyword. This is a custom formula that I created, one that's based on what I determined would be the most profitable keywords for an AdSense publisher.

The bottom line is, I've taken all the guesswork out of choosing the right keywords. Which also means you won't have to rely on "hunches" to determine what niches are most likely to generate the best monthly profit.

Think about it...

No more wasted time trying to conjure up competitive and profitable niches. No more wasted effort searching for the best income-producing keywords.

And no need to do all that extra testing and analyzing. Just check the information in your handy, comprehensive, lightning quick database and you're good to go!

Unlimited profitable niches. Unlimited profitable keywords. Just a mouse click away!

Top Keyword Data is another GREAT piece of software.

The master keyword list it comes with is a real gold mine! I've discovered some highly profitable niches that I never thought. Plus it's very easy to use.

Top Keyword Data is easily worth more than it costs!

William Shi

I just wanted to let you know that the Top Keyword Data software is 100% awesome!

There are other keyword lists out there that cost $200 dollars for a list of 20,000 or so keywords. Top Keyword Data gave me OVER 132,000 keywords and also included important data about each keyword.

Id say this software is money well spent for anyone. Top Keyword Data outperforms those "other sites" and then some.

The information is all laid out there for you in an easy to use platform and I think it took me all of, oh say, 15 seconds to figure out how to use it and what I had my hands on.

By far Top Keyword Data is heads and tails above the rest.

Thanks again for another awesome product!

Donnie Hoover

A Small Investment Today Can Increase Your Google Income By Thousands Of Dollars - Each And Every Month!

I know you're probably expecting some incredibly well-constructed pitch about what a fantastic deal you'll be getting here. And to tell you the truth, I did consider writing just that type of closing sales copy.

But you know what? I believe you already know what this software can mean to your bank account. I believe you understand perfectly how important it is to develop more niche areas based on keywords that equate to higher paying clicks.

So let's not go through the usual sales routine dance. Let's just cut right to the chase...

In exchange for one modest payment of only $27, you can begin to increase your monthly AdSense revenue almost immediately.

How much can you increase your monthly income? Well, I guess that depends on you and how diligent you are about making more money. All I know is, Top Keyword Data gives you the exact tools and information you need.

And since research happens to be an extremely unpopular marketing task, it stands to reason that you would jump at the chance to minimize the amount of time and effort you would normally spend.

With Top Keyword Data, you've automatically cut your research down to size. No more wading through tons of worthless data to get to the crown jewels. No more relying on "hunches" when attempting to choose the best niche areas.

All you do is open Top Keyword Data and everything you need to make qualified decisions is right there, all presented in an organized spreadsheet fashion. I mean, how easy is that?

Top Keyword Data... your own personal all-in-one research tool!

But just in case you want even more to work with, here's another must-have keyword tool...

Exclusive BONUS!

I just couldn't resist sweetening the pot with a REALLY fantastic bonus...

Ever wish you could tap into a bunch of search words that have been overlooked by everyone else? You know... locate some secret cache of popular keywords that are being searched for but have little or no competition?

Yep. That would be sweet. The ability to gain unlimited traffic from a bunch of neglected and "discarded" search terms.

It happens every day. Viewers type in popular search words WRONG. And not just a few viewers here and there. Every day, there are thousands and thousands of searches being conducted using incorrect spelling.

Now, thanks to this handy utility, you'll have instant access to ALL those misspelled words. Just type in any keyword and Misspelled Keywords will instantly generate every logical typo and phonetic mistake.

It's like having your own private "hotline" to overlooked search terms, ones that are just sitting there, ripe for the picking!

I'm telling you, this is one tool you definitely don't want to pass up on. And normally, you'd have to pay $67 to own it. But...

If you order Top Keyword Data right now, I'll give you
Misspelled Keywords absolutely free of charge!

That means you get two valuable and powerful keyword tools for the price of one!

It's time to stop thinking about all those better, higher-paying keywords and start doing something about it. The clock is running. And every minute you delay equates to even more money that's missing from YOUR next Google check.

With Top Keyword Data you can...
  • instantly access a money-making list of top keywords

  • easily isolate the most profitable and non-competitive niches

  • develop revenue steams based on accurate and up-to-date information

  • save an incredible amount of time and effort conducting research

  • invest more time and energy developing quality high-profit niches

  • substantially increase your monthly AdSense income potential
So what are you waiting for? Give all of your Google AdSense sites a high-power financial boost by ordering Top Keyword Data NOW!

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Get Your Copy Of "Top Keyword Data" Now For Only $27

You can download it right now -- even if it's 2:00 a.m.! 


Jeff Alderson
Rod Beckwith

P.S. You have a choice... you can leave your AdSense sites the way they are and keep receiving the same old measly checks. OR, you can get your own copy of Top Keyword Data and start driving your monthly Google income right through the roof almost immediately!

P.P.S. Whether you realize it or not, you're missing out on thousands of dollars each and every month. Spend a few minutes using Top Keyword Data and you can put those same dollars directly into your bank account!

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